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Meridian is booming

  Treasure Valley city, Meridian is booming. The following article explores the impact on housing, transportation and schools. As quoted in the article, Meridian was the 13th fastest growing city in the US in 2016. Article was posted in The Idaho Statesman on August 17, 2017. Written by Dana Oland and Audrey Dutton.

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Multifamily housing: More choices lead to stronger communities

Written by Scot Oliver, executive director of Idaho Smart Growth, a statewide nonprofit organization based in Boise. Published in the Idaho Business Review June 5, 2017. A bumper sticker from the ‘70s reads, “Houses: everybody gets one before anybody gets two.” Many people are lucky enough to take housing for granted, even two or three of them. But as communities grow and become more desirable, the shortage of land available for housing drives up costs and drives more people out of the market. This can have widespread negative consequences on … Read More

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