Thanks to our new Annual Sponsor, Zions Bank


Through the support of our Annual Sponsors, ULI Idaho is able to continue the meaningful programs, and fund initiatives related directly to the issues facing our region and state. This year, ULI Idaho is focusing on Creating Vibrant Downtowns as a major initiative. The  Healthy Community Initiative Council of 15 ULI members raised the awareness of the need and barriers to Downtown Housing. Their final report, The Next 1000, identifies the steps needed to encourage and support downtown housing and a series of six program over the past year have provided awareness and education on how make that happen.

 In addition to the satisfaction Annual Sponsors receive from supporting these efforts of the District, there are valuable benefits including complimentary membership and registration at all programs, and recognition on the District Council web page and all of our publications.

 It is not too late to lend your support to a recognized and respected leader in the community for responsible development. With a demonstrated record of fiscal responsibility, your sponsorship support will be used wisely.

Annual Sponsorship Benefits

  • Credit that can be applied toward any combination of ULI membership and program sponsors.
  • Complimentary program registrations
  • Priority invitation for program sponsorship
  • Recognition at all programs and on the ULI website.
  • A 20% discount will be applied to any multi-year pledge of three years or more with no reduction in benefits.